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HOUSE BUILDING: Steel Frame or Traditional Concrete House.

In the process of understanding the difference between a metal construction to decide what is best for you, you will see many one-sided views. The truth is somewhere in the middle.


The construction cost of a traditional concrete house is often considered higher due to the longer construction time. On the other hand, the price of building materials for a metal-structured home is higher. The only difference in this area is that the steelwork usually ends around three months faster, summing up the equivalent cost for both types of projects.


We have seen some changes in the energy efficiency of steel-structured houses in recent years. While traditional construction has far better thermal insulation, thermal coatings on steel structures have drastically improved thermal efficiency.


In terms of architectural design, a metal-structured home does not require columns but also has thinner beams. There are fewer limitations for architects to consider.


While a house that has an iron base better withstands seismic vibrations due to its elasticity. Only people whose plot is in a seismic area should consider this information as crucial since most houses are built of concrete and usually do not have a problem.

Fire resistance is better for buildings with a concrete structure due to their ability to resist high-temperature swings easier than steel-framed buildings.


People often undermine the maintenance of a house during the building process. We can find two conflicting views for this aspect. On one hand, concrete construction presupposes gradual maintenance due to contractions and expansions. On the other hand, the ironwork does not require much maintenance compared to concrete but if the metal frame needs conservation, the cement board should detach from the beam. But we can avoid this issue with the correct preparation.

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